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La Mascionara.
We are on Lake Campotosto and this company is practically 60 years ahead.
In the last few years, however, we are struggling to keep going.
Certainly the earthquake did not give us a great hand and we are looking for our forces to carry on all this, trying to put maximum effort.
However it is not a thing you make an easy situation; Already working in those areas is difficult and now it gets even more because you only feel.
Anyway, we were really in a few and those few who are still trying to make the most of it does not get off this part of Abruzzo.
In recent times the Amatrician pecorino is developing too; This is a pecorino that in the coming months will receive a PDO and in any case it is a sheep cheese that was born in 2014 to support the Consortium precisely to support all the breeders who were to Amatrice and after the earthquake this thing went increasing just to give our maximum availability As a company.
All the breeders continue to support us and we try to do our utmost and try to satisfy our customers as much as possible

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